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tv   Weekend Early Start  CNN  October 7, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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asking why the subject wasn't even mentioned at the presidential debate. and the other debate everyone is talking about. jon stewart versus bill o'reilly. good morning, everyone. once again i'm randi kaye. 7:00 on the east coast, 4:00 a.m. on the west. we start this morning with the news that the pharmacy responsible for making the steroid blamed for spreading fungal meningitis has recalled all of its products nationwide. i want you to look at this map with me. 64 cases of fungal meningitis are confirmed in the nine states that you see highlighted there, but that number could go up. our brian todd has more. >> just a week after getting a steroid injection she thought would help her, japan it russell is in intensive care as a tennessee hospital. that tainted injection might well have given her meningitis. her family is more than just
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concerned. >> of course, we're just worried sick is the main thing. >> this doesn't happen in america. i mean this doesn't -- i mean i hope that doesn't sound -- you're just thinking, this is something that is not even real. >> their moms, more than two dozen in tennessee and others believed to have fungal meningitis. it's an inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord health officials believe the victims got it from a tainted batch in this stair toid injected into the spinal column to treat back pain. in maryland, a state where hundreds of people could have been exposed, went to clinics known to have receive shipments of the steroid. at the center in bel air, at least six have gotten injections. >> the ones we've talked to are fine, thank goodness and hopefully they'll don't be fine.
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>> reporter: other clinics could have a bigger problem. an administrator in this building in baltimore did not want to go on camera with us but did tell us they have 300 who got injected with the drug. they have contacted all 300 of those patients. the ones who have had mild symptoms, they have urged to get checked. they have no confirmed cases of meningitis from this facility. they said they're disappointed in the drug manufacturer and they put paetsch inlts at risk. it's a compounding center in framington, massachusetts. the representative of necc is working with investigators and has shut down temporarily. as for this form of men it jie it is -- how dangerous this? is this very contagious? >> this type of meningitis is
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not to be transmiscible from person to person, so we're really reaching out to people who have been exposed to the cob tam nated product and those are the people who should be looking for symptoms. >> those symptoms include fever, chills, headaches, stiff necks, and other types that can even get small strokes. officials are scrambling to get the word outside to as many people as possible. it could grow significantly in the days ahead. brian todd, cnn, baltimore. a student killed, a campus in shock, and a mother searching for answer this morning. it's all over the shooting death of a freshman yesterday at a university in south alabama by mobi mobile. officials say an officer opened fire after colgan meanor rushed the officer, was naked and
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acting erratically. >> i feel the cop had more than a gun. with that being said he could have pulled out a taser, pepper spray, anything like that. why a gun on this kid. probably was drunk, you know, or something like that. it seems it could have been handled in a better way. >> cnn spoke with colgan's mother. she said she doesn't know why he act thad way but she wishes police could have handled the situation differently without using lethal force. now to the state of pennsylvania where two are accused of abusing two children they adopted from ethiopia. investigators say the doctor noticed several fractures on the 18-month-old's head and the f-year-old boy appeared starved. they face charges of assault and endangerment. their attorney has not commented. to politics now, and there
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are just 30 days to go until election day. last week president obama and mitt romney squared off in the first presidential debate. well, they'll do number two on the 16th of this month. the number two, yes, the vice-presidential debate is this week on thursday and our athena jones takes a look at what to expect. >> reporter: then governor sarah palin wanking during the 2000 debate with presidential nominee joe biden. not just once but half a dozen times and senator dan quayle in 1978. >> i knew jab jack kennedy. jack kennedy was a friend of mine. senator, you're no jack kennedy. >> reporter: memorable moments but hardly game-changers. vice-presidential debates like this week's upcoming matchup
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between vice president biden and his gop challenger paul ryan are a different animal. >> you need to be able to see that each vice-presidential candidate has hit the standard of readiness, that they'll be ready in the event of a national crisis to step into the oval office and take the reins of presidency. beyond that, unless there's a star-killing or star-catching moment, it rarely changes the course of the debate. >> reporter: democratic strategist donna hill says the first step here is to do no harm. >> try not to break any ground. this is not an audition for 2016. >> i don't like a damn thing about it. >> reporter: biden who only participated in a few de-bates says the contests are never easy. >> what i've been doing mostly is, quite frankly, studying up on congress ryan's positions on the issues, and governor romney
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has embraced everything i can see. i don't want to say anything in the debate that's not completely analyst. >> reporter: so what are the biggest strengths? experts say for ryan it's his ability to talk in detail. and for biden, his ability to talk to people. >> he's fast on the cuff, he's a witty guy, he knows who he is, and he's been doing nr 40 years. so you're not goimgts to rattle joe biden. joe is very good on the attack. joe is ver good at trying to confuse the issues. >> reporter: when it comes to advice for the candidates -- >> try to be comfortable, rests, smile from time too time. >> reporter: and a little humor can help. >> i can see my wife and i'm sure she's thinking gee, i wish he would go out into the private sector. >> i can help you do that, joe.
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>> the candidates stayed clear of talking guns at last week's debate and an aurora shooting survivor is speaking out. he said concepting out showed a real lack of respect. plus fox news host bill o'reilly and jon stewart battle it out in a debate of their own. ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a spot. ...i'll look back on this day and laugh. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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in president obama's and mitt romney's first face-off they spard over health care and taxes. but they didn't mention gun control, a topic my next guest says shou have been raised, especially in colorado, a state that had two of the country's deadliest massacre in 19 years. steven barten is joining me now to talk about this. he was one of 58 people wounded in the aurora shooting, shot in the face and the neck. steven, good morning to you. first of all, let me ask how you're feeling. >> i'm feeling just fine. my recovery's gone remarkably well. >> well, that is certainly good news to hear. you were one of the lucky ones.
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what would you liked to have seen wednesday night at the first presidential debate in terms of the discussions about guns. >> i mean really any specific discussion or reference to the issue would have been great. ideally i would have loved both candidates to talk about whether they support having a background check. that's a huge issue and it would have been great to see, that especially in an auditorium ten miles from a theater where i was shot and so many others were shot. >> this certainly could come up at a later debate, which we'll discuss more about social issues but you told one of our reporters that skipping gun lays in the debate showed a lack of respect. >> i think they owed it to the people who were shot in a theater in aurora, but also just to the american public at large. when you consider 34 americans are murdered with guns every
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single day and then you think about the families and communities around those 34 americans, mine the number is huge, the number o people who are affected by gun violence every single day in this country. >> i want you to look at this map with me. you can see the colorado shootings took place less than ten miles from the spot of the presidential debate. colorado has a strong and proud ownership of guns. talking guns in the state is, quote, political suicide. he writes, no politician in their right mind would say anything about gun control in colorado because you simply won't get it. what do you think of that? is that correct? >> you know, i think there's a misconception, a miscommunication because if you look at the pollings, specifically on the issues. sore, for example, requiring a background check for every gun sold as i said earlier, 71% vote
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that and 81% of nonanti-gun owners support thal what we're talking about is crime control and there's a large consensus in the american public for specific measures. >> in term os the aurora shooting suspect james holmes, i'm sure you're aware he did get his guns and ammunition legally. so what changes do the law -- to the law are you looking for? >> well, i mean i don't know that, for example, requiring universal background checks would have changed what would have happened in aurora specifically, but i mean aurora and columbine, those are the big named shootings that we talk about every day, but kids are dying on the streets in chicago every day and law enforcement had told us that the best way to reduce the number of people who are dying across this country from gun violence is to require background checks. i mean 40% of guns sold in this country don't require a
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background check under federal law because they're sold privately. i think some people don't know that. >> what do you say to people who suggest that gun control is really irrelevant to mass shootings because the perpetrators will always find a way to get around the laws if they really want to, maybe they'll steal a gun, find a gun, whatever it snies you know, there's always going to be black market or, you know, a secondary market for guns, no matter how much we regulate it. but i think it's worth at least making it more difficult and consider ways to put obstacles in the way f people who shouldn't have guns. >> steven, i appreciate your coming on the show and talking about this. continue with your recovery and watch the debate and we may talk with you about it afterward. an unmanned drone shot down in israel after entering the country's airspace without permission. now the country consider its next step.
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in south korea, a new agreement with the united states. they'll be able to cover almost 500 miles which will include the entire range of north korea. the move is to deter military action from pyongyang which test fired its own missile in april. that test launch was not successful. in the philippines, a major break through on piece. they announce a peace deal. those rebels have been battling the government for the past 15 years. they would establish an autonomous region for a minority population in the south a. in israel the country's military has shut down an unmanned drone over the desert. in a statement, he said israel views the flyover very severely
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and it's considering a response. it's not clear where the drone originated from. it was not carried any weapons or explosives. it's election day in venezuela and polls are now open. world leaders will now be watching this one. president hugo chavez is seeking a fourth term there. a north korean soldier has done what very few others have been able to. he defected to the south and told authorities when he got there, he had just killed his superior. cnn's paula hancocks has details. >> reporter: it's not unknown but certainly rare for someone to escape through the dmz. it is described as the most heavily fortified border on earth and yet a north korean soldier was able to walk across it on saturday. the joint chiefs of staff described to reporters how he
4:21 am
managed it. >> translator: a north korean soldier has lef our army has raised its military alert in the ya but there's been no extra ordinary moves. >> he was then able to cross the border without being stopped. south korean guard says they heard the gunfire before seeing the north korean soldier fleeing after it was confirm thad he did, in fact, want to defect. he was taken to an undisclosed location and interrogated. very few managed to cross this tightly controlled border. in fact, the last time a north korean soldier succeeded was 2 1/2 years ago, according to the defense ministry here in seoul. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. these two american held a debate of their own and we'll show some of it to you.
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president obama and governor romney were not the only two having fun. bill reilly and "the daily sh " show's" host jon stewart had a showdown of their own in washington. >> i want to hire teachers. millions and millions of teachers. >> so then your plan is basically to hire teachers. >> that's right. as many as it takes. >> governor romney, your response. >> well, jim, when it comes to jobs, president obama prefers
4:24 am
what i call a trickledown government solution. now, my plan is different. it involves 41 basic elements, six of reversals of position and three outright lice. in bummer on number one, get us energy independent, number two, open up more trade, especially with latin america. >> the anniversary gift, i can't believe i forgot the anniversary gift. this is bad. this is very bad. >> i want my taxes to go to people who need help. >> and i am sorry that you don't want to spend your hard earned tax money on that $130 million but let me say this to you welcome to the [ bleep ] club. >> we as the country are only as strong as the weakest amongst us. as the new testament tells us the poor will always be with us.
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>> wait, wait, wait. you're telling me. >> you're telling me not to take care of them but to bring the poor and those in need back into more -- >> this is an outrage. this is a total outrage. this is a -- this man has offended -- this man over here has offend eed every single american. are you standing or sitting. >> i am short. but when you tell me i'm short, i don't blame the liberal weights and measures bureau or i don't suggest that my numbers are skewed and i'm really 6'1" if only the lame stream people would tell people. >> prosecutor funny stuff but after the break we'll tell you about a very strange shooting incident at a university in alabama. great power.
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after allegra, i have the only 24-hour medicine that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all. welcome back. the pharmacy responsible for making the steroid fhas caused fungal meningitis outbreak. take a look at this map. you can see 64 cases are confirmed in the nine states that are highlighted there, but that number could go up, of course. in blame, a calabama, a uni colorado. the school said he was naked and rushed. he has been placed on administrative leave. honda is recalling more than


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